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» RX Biotech Insurers Advantage Program

RX Biotech is focused on servicing the unique needs of insurance organizations and their participating health care providers and clients. We provide both progressive specialty pharmacy and benefits management services by concentrating on the distribution and pharmaceutical care management of costly, injectable medications for chronic or seriously ill patients.

Insurance Management Services

RX Biotech' insurance management services enable us to deliver pharmaceuticals directly to the patient’s choice of location and directly bill their insurer organization.

When a patient's medication costs in the $4,000 to $100,000 per year range, they often need insurance and financial expertise just as much as clinical counseling. RX Biotech assists patients with all aspects of their insurance plan — from benefits research and filing claims, to collecting co-payments.

Our process is very patient friendly. All it entails is for the physician to send RX Biotech a prescription and statement of medical necessity along with the assignment of benefits contract signed by the patient or their guardian. And then, our personal care specialist will contact the patient, get any other necessary instructions, obtains reimbursement verification and prior authorization, and ships the medication as requested. Upon shipment RX Biotech bills the medication directly to the patient's insurer upon shipment. Any co-payments or deductibles are billed directly to the patient and collected by RX Biotech.

Knowledgeable Specialists

RX Biotech's personal care specialists, like their pharmacy counterparts, are dedicated to a specific therapy. They are an efficient and knowledgeable staff who can expertly communicate with the patient or physician about the stipulations of the insurer or alternatively with the insurer’s representative about the needs of the patient and approved usages of pharmaceuticals.

Personalized Care

Whether its coordinating home injection training for a newly diagnosed patient or communicating medication administration protocols to a physician’s staff, RX Biotech has the resources and expertise to meet many patient needs by expertly counseling patients, guarding against non-compliance and helping them get optimum performance from their therapy.


RX Biotech guards against product waste, incorrect billing and improper drug utilization while promoting successful therapy outcomes.