Patient Advantage

RX Biotech has developed a FREE membership program to provide customers with the support and supplies they require for their therapy regiment. We design customized patient support systems which connect patient, physician and insurer. Some of the benefits of membership include:

Insurance Billing

Filling out insurance claims forms can be confusing and very time-consuming. Your RX Biotech personal care specialists are experts at verifying eligibility, obtaining authorizations from your insurance provider, and identifying financial assistance programs, if required.

Discount Coupons

RX Biotech provides members of the Patient Advantage Program with coupons that can be used towards payments or free supplies.

Free Shipping & Delivery

All pharmaceuticals are shipped overnight at no additional charge. Orders can be shipped either to the doctor's office or to your home.

Automatic Refills

When you're on a drug therapy program, it's important to receive your refills in a timely manner. Your patient care specialist will contact you about a week before your next scheduled delivery - to verify your remaining supplies and answer any questions you may have. If you see that you're running short of your drug or supplies at any time, call us to make appropriate arrangements.

One Stop Pharmacy

We provide the convenience of a one-stop approach for all your prescription needs. By using our pharmacy’s services for all your prescriptions enables our pharmacists to review your entire patient profile, so we can identify potential harmful drug interactions and other conflicts that may result from using multiple pharmacies.

Call Us

We want to hear from you whenever you have questions or need assistance. Let us know if: your doctor has made any adjustments in your treatment plan, changes in insurance or contact information, if you think you're experiencing a reaction to your medication (call us after you've talked with your doctor) or anything else that comes to mind.