Patient Care

RX Biotech offers unparalleled disease specific treatment programs. At the center of each of these programs is a team of experts devoted to your care, including a personal care specialist, a registered pharmacist, and a nurse professional.

» Personal Care Specialist

Your personal care specialist is your primary contact at RX Biotech. This is the person who will help manage your care and who will check in with you to:

  • Contact your health plan for authorization
  • Schedule deliveries, check your inventory and order additional supplies as necessary
  • Answer any questions you might have about your medicine, or specialty pharmacy

» Registered Pharmacist

RX Biotech's pharmacists are active members of your treatment team. Working with your physician, our licensed pharmacists monitor your medication intake to minimize any adverse reactions and maximize the benefit you receive from your therapy. The RX Biotech pharmacists will:

  • Review your prescription profile to monitor any side effects or interactions among all the medications you may be taking.
  • Maintain regular contact with your doctor regarding your prescription needs, including appropriate dosage level and treatment authorization.

» Nurse Professional

RX Biotech's nurses are on hand to provide you with self-injectable training in the comfort of your own home.