Physician Advantage

RX Biotech is a leading specialty pharmacy that offers your patients a unique customer service program that allow us to service the needs of the ever-changing specialty population. RX Biotech 's services make the process of using a specialty pharmacy easier for the patient and physician. When you recommend RX Biotech to your patients you have a partner with the experience and staff to assist your patients with their drug therapy regiment.

Physicans' support

As a leader in specialty pharmacy services, RX Biotech provides physicians the support they need to focus directly on quality treatment for their patients. Our comprehensive program creates efficient patient management while saving you time, money and resources. The success of our program stems from quality customer service and simplistic program design.

Easy Referral Process

Enroll your patients with a single phone call (310) 657-2881, (800) 657-2212 or alternatively, click here to fill out the Online Patient Referral Form. Once RX Biotech receives the referral, we will handle all coordination and insurance verification responsibilities in managing the initiation of care.

Free Insurance Authorization

RX Biotech saves your staff time by verifying insurance benefits and coordinating prior authorization information for each patient. Once information has been verified, a RX Biotech team member will coordinate the appropriate delivery based upon the patient’s self-administration level and teaching needs.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Our expert personal care specialists provide each patient support and the necessary information to assist them with their successful therapy outcomes. Our team communicates with physicians and patients to coordinate an appropriate treatment plan to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Safety and Convenience

We provide the convenience of a one-stop approach for all your patients’ prescription needs. When your patients have all their prescriptions serviced by us, it enables our pharmacists to review their entire patient profile, so we can identify potential harmful drug interactions and other conflicts that may result from using multiple pharmacies.

Overnight Medication Delivery

Due to specialized shipping requirements of certain medications, RX Biotech ships directly to the requested address using a premium overnight carrier at no charge to the patient. Deliveries are confirmed automatically, assuring patients of delivery expectations.

Patient Follow Up

Customer satisfaction is RX Biotech’s top priority and distinguishes us from our competitors. In an effort to ensure we are meeting our patients’ and physicians’ needs, we send you a patient report every 30 days, to keep you apprised of the patients’ drug therapy.

Contact us

Our team is always on hand to answer any questions your staff or patients might have, whether it be signing up a new patient or getting insurance authorization to providing information on a drug therapy.