"Managing a chronic illness can be both physically and emotionally draining. This is why it is so important that I surround myself with supportive and reliable people. Mack and the staff at Beverly Sinai Medical Pharmacy are a critical part of my medical team. Mack keeps me informed about any changes in my insurance costs as well as other arthritis drugs on the horizon. I have come to depend on his staff's monthly renewal reminder calls, which have saved me from ever being stuck without medication. Thanks Mack”

Lesley G. Los Angeles, CA Patient

“RX Biotech and Beverly Sinai Medical Pharmacy have been my medication providers from the get go. They provide exceptional support and follow through from getting insurance authorization to shipping my medication overnight.”

Albert C., Los Angeles, CA Patient

"Our patients want a pharmacy that truly cares about them. RX Biotech provides a high-level of service through constant communication...going above and beyond to get medications dispensed."

Daniel Wallace, Rheumatology, MD Los Angeles, CA Physician

“Since referring our patients to RX Biotech for injectable therapies, several have switched their prescriptions to RX Biotech, making RX Biotech their one-stop shop for all their pharmaceutical needs. Whether it’s talking with folks on the phone, or interacting with the RX Staff, everyone my patients have had contact with has been professional, friendly and helpful.”

Allan Metzger, Rheumatology, MD Los Angeles, CA Physician

"Our Rheumatology customers have found their services to be unprecedented. They continue to excel in customer service by providing in-home training for Injectable therapy patients, multilingual pharmacists, free delivery and individualized service tailored to customer needs."

Shannon D., Abbott Immunology, division of Abbot Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

“RxBiotech is extremely helpful in verifying insurance coverage, obtaining authorizations and communicating with patients. They are able to offer copay assistance cards and referrals to charitable foundations if the patient needs these services. They respond quickly and efficiently to all other requests. If they are not able to services the patient due to insurance-mandated specialty pharmacy use, they transfer the patients' information to the appropriate pharmacy.
RxBiotech has made the process of obtaining biologic medications much easier for our office.”

Janeen Thompson, Office Manager - Dr. Michael P. Stevens San Mateo,CA Physician

"RxBiotech Specialty Pharmacy has saved time allowing my staff to be more focused on patient care. They are contracted with most plans and process all self-injectable and infusibles. They accept all insurances including Caremark, Medco, Curascript, etc.
I choose to use RxBiotech because they provide un-parallel service to my patients and make it easy for my staff."

Daniel J. Wallace, M.D. , F.A.C.P., F.A.C.R. - Cedar-Sinai Medical Center - Clinical Professor of Medicine, The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Physician